January 21, 2021

Trimming My Natural Hair

Blow Drying & Trimming My Natural Hair

My final natural hair journey began June 2007. I love the versatility of natural hair because with a simple technique or tool, I can wear it curly or straight. Recently, my hair needed a trim. Since the Farmer’s Almanac listed April 7 as one of the Best Days to “Cut Hair To Increase Growth” and I decided to take advantage.

It was totally a last minute decision as I started the process on a Sunday night at 11:00 PM! Yikes!

After shampooing and conditioning my natural hair, I sectioned my hair into 4 sections.

Natural Hair Sectioned With Hair Clips
  • After sectioning my hair with clips, I applied some Sunflower Oil as a heat protectant.
  • My blow dryer of choice is The Conair Pro Yellow Bird. It gets my hair dry super fast. The dryer comes with both a concentrator nozzle and a comb attachment. I prefer to use the comb attachment and low heat to blow dry my natural hair super fast.
Blow Dried Hair vs. The Shrinkage Monster!

Shrinkage is NO joke. When wet, my hair shinks down about 50% of its actual length. The Shrinkage Monster is why people are often shocked when a natural hair girl stretches her hair and it becomes a voluminous Diana Ross Lioness Mane!

Side View of Big Natural Hair!
Nappylicious Afro-Textured Hair

After blow-drying and trimming my hair, I was not sure how I would style my hair. I decided to twist it into a few twists. If it did not turn out as expected, I could always resort to a ponytail or a puff. Fast forward, the twistout turned out nice for a humid Memphis Monday!

Natural Hair Twistout