January 21, 2021
Is That Your Real Hair? A Compliment or Shade?

On this natural hair journey, we experience all kinds of opinions about our natural hair. Today, I received what I consider one of the ultimate natural hair compliments! A new lady to my building saw me walking down the hallway when she stopped me and leaned in to ask me: “Is that your REAL hair?”

A Compliment or Shade?

I was too tickled that she felt comfortable enough to ask me such a personal question. Was is a compliment or was she being shady? What if it WERE a wig? Was she gonna ask me for the name of the unit so she could order one? Regardless of her intentions, I did not miss a beat. While tugging on my hair, I happily responded to her “Yes, this is MY real hair.” Then we started engaging in light conversation about why she did not need to be natural because. . . blah, blah, blah. I had no knowledge about her hair goals. Either way, I was still the girl rocking the big natural hair and had committed to this natural hair journey. Besides, she stopped ME!

My natural hair journey has definitely been an adventure! I have been natural several times before finally going natural and staying natural!

Relaxed to Natural: My Natural Hair Journey!

To Be Or NOT To Be. . .

While I have really slowed down on buying lots and lots of natural hair products, I am STILL susceptible to making random purchases on a whim. And today was no different. I went to lunch a realized I only had $1 in cash so I stopped in Walgreens to make a purchase and get cash back in order to pay for my lunch.

Whenever I visit Walgreens in “Ethnic” parts of the city, it is almost mandatory that I slide down the natural haircare aisle. This Walgreens location never disappoints with its selections.

To my surprise, Walgreens was having another Buy 2 Get 3rd one FREE! Quite naturally, I decided to make a purchase so I could get cash back. Not only did I buy the intended Coca-Cola, I also ended up with a pack of very stretchy hair bands, a pack of satin rollers and a Felicia Leatherwood-inspired hair detangler brush.

I went to the register, grabbed a 20 ounce Coca-Cola and checked out. Guess who forget to press the “Cash Back” option? Insert eye roll! Lunch ended up being a medium order of McDonald’s French Fries!

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