My daily work chronicles for week 5: August 27 – September 1
My pumpkin obsession has kicked into high gear. Home Goods has the most beautiful mercury glass pumpkins I’ve ever laid eyes on. I am not the traditional fall decor girl, I love bling.

This week, I begin 6th grade library orientations. I always enjoy these sessions because 11 year olds have the most amazing shenanigans when it comes to acquiring a social media account.

It’s been 12 years since Hurricane Katrina and Hurricane Harvey has been pummeling the Houston area. Prayers and love to those affected. Mercury Retrograde is cutting up sideways.

While minding my own business and trying to eat my lunch, someone sends a little boy to me, The Duck Tape Queen, to fix his glasses. I only had a geometric black and white pattern but fortunately for him it wasn’t lime green or hot pink. I used a small strip to hold the lens in the cracked frame and VOILA!

Hurricane Harvey brought his depression to the Memphis Metro area. I was not taking any chances of getting trapped at work or on the streets of Memphis. I stayed home. Some area schools closed early but not mine.

We hosted our annual Back To School dance today! Mu duty post is ticket taker. Since last year, I’ve had a counterfeiter who gets a thrill out of trying to scam me. I am happy to have a 3 day weekend!


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