Work Chronicles: Never Had Tahitian Treat | Working With Rihanna’s Aunt? Week 7: September 10 – 15

The week started with my LUV Naturals wash n go.

Monday September 11, 2017
Sixteen years since September 11. Where were you?

Tuesday, September 12
My first day of work because I was sick Monday. Reflecting on friendships. I always try to be the kind of friend that I want to have in my life.

Wednesday, September 13
I do not like meetings and they are becoming more prevalent and irrelevant to my life as a librarian. But to appease the rottweilers and complainers, I have to attend “collaborative planning” sessions. Who is gonna watch the library when teachers send students to the library? Had a called meeting and realized the moment when I have had enough of the time wasting activities.

Thursday, September 14
I had to update the school website with new admin photos. I took my DSLR because not every photo should be taken with a smartphone. The quality was amazing. I was asked if I shoot family portraits. . . No Ma’am. lol

A long day. Parent Conference beginning right after work, no time to eat, take a breather or use the restroom. Just a dumb concept because parents who pick up their kids want to rush right in and talk to their child’s teacher but dismissal is still going on.
I was expecting a laptop cart delivery but they waited until 4 PM to show up? Really?

Got home and filmed a Project Runway Inspired Mood Fabrics haul video. Mood Fabrics even liked the tweet! Yay Mood!

Friday, September 15
Overslept. I was exhausted from yesterday. Since I was late, I stopped for breakfast. Long day trying to prepare to deal with 432 new laptops in 12 carts whose asset tag numbers are all over the place. Don’t know why the people who put the tags on did not just keep the numbers in sequential order inside the cart. Now I’ve got to rearrange 432 laptops.

I needed some retail therapy! I stopped into Sephora and left some coins for Fenty Beauty by Rihanna and another celebrity makeup line that I’ve wanted to try for a while.


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