Work Chronicles Week 6: September 3 – 9
I enjoyed my 3 Day weekend. Thank you Labor Day! Short work weeks often feel like full weeks. I had to incorporate Monster Energy drinks into this week. My hair was shot. My nails were shot and my makeup was almost nonexistent. But I made it through.

After laughing at my coworker whose lunch got jacked from the work fridge, I had to stop and by her some Bologna Lunchables. They were on sale at Kroger. According to the note on the fridge, the lunch bandit is living dangerously by continuing to steal people’s lunches!

This week is Southern Heritage Classic week and the city of Memphis has been abuzz. I thought about going to see Tom Joyner & Sybil Wilkes at Club Love but decided to let the rest of the city have it. I first met Tom Joyner at Home Depot and that club is small. No thanks.

I have several pet peeves. People who don’t have supplies make my eyes roll! lol.

Instead of hanging out at the tailgating festivities, I met my BFF/Alcornite at Bahama Breeze and slammed down Pina Coladas and some good food.

A few nights ago, I ordered the Luv Naturals line and it arrived today. Looking forward to having my own hair spa day tomorrow. I will film the process and share soon!

I also stopped at Home Goods from some caramel apple candy for my friends who CUSSED ME OUT for thinking I had purchased them all up when they went to the WRONG Home Goods looking for them.


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