When school started Fall 2017, I made a decision to vlog daily in order to document my school year and my Shonda Rhimes inspired Year of Yes. I started off strong and created 8 weeks of content. Listed below are the results of 8 weeks of daily vlogs. Watch and get to know me as you Walk A Mile In  My Shoes.

WEEK 1 – A Year of Yes!

I vlog daily on my Instagram channel to document my Shonda Rhimes Inspired Year of Yes. I’m not saying yes to everything but just yes to documenting my journey. This was the first week back to work after summer vacation. No matter how much I plan, I am never really ready to get started. In addition to trying to document this school year, I am also trying NOT to have to cuss nobody out! People get on my nerves.

July 31 – First day back to work. Please don’t let me have to cuss nobody out! August 1 – My birthday. Damn. I have to work late with registration. I did use the time wisely to finish processing the obsolete equipment that is scheduled for pickup tomorrow.

August 2 – As expected, the trucks arrived early to pick up the equipment. After doing all the paperwork to get the stuff picked up, the man still uses his own scanner to process the equipment and wouldn’t sign my paperwork. What the what? I’m just glad to have my floor space back.

August 3 – Went to a professional development meeting with other librarians. I never see anyone I know so I didn’t bother putting on makeup or earrings. I went home for lunch and had to get my jacket. That meeting space was a meat locker! We usually get attendance cards to take back to work to prove we attended. My session did not have cards. What the what? I took a time stamped photo AND took a picture of my signature on the sign out sheet. Don’t play with my money!

August 4 – Happy Friday. Stayed late to finish signing out classroom equipment because some teachers love the throw me under the bus. But I document well. One week down.

August 5 – Happy Saturday. I met my BFF for lunch at Bahama Breeze. We had a great time.I had no idea one of our fellow Alcornites had passed away last Spring. We were friends on Facebook but I don’t check FB like that. It made me question how many deceased people are listed in my phone and Facebook Friends list. I have about 10.

August 6 – I follow The Profit Marcus Lemonis aka The Profit on CNBC. He recently Periscoped that he was wanting to purchase an Atlanta business but they had too much debt.The company is called Southern Culture Foods. They were having a $12 special on their pancake and waffle batters and their friend chicken mixes. Today I made time to try the fried chicken mix. It was pretty good. I’d probably a dash more seasonings to deepen the flavor but it was tasty. I will post weekly vlog summaries on Sunday. It’s enough to turn the camera on for 1 minute of unedited footage so daily YouTube uploads are OUT OF THE QUESTION! These vlogs are me, censored just enough to protect the innocent, shield the ignorant and keep my job for a day longer. (((HUGS)))

WEEK 2: Some People Are Just Triflin’

I vlog daily on my Instagram channel to document my Shonda Rhimes Inspired Year of Yes. I’m not saying yes to everything but just yes to documenting my journey.

This was my second week back to work – first week with the students. No matter how much I plan, I am never really ready to get started. In addition to trying to document this school year, I am also trying NOT to have to cuss nobody out! People get on my nerves.

Vlog Summaries will post on Sundays. They are me, censored just enough to protect the innocent, shield the ignorant and keep my job for a day longer.

AUGUST 7 – Teachers have a few days to get acclimated after summer vacation before the students come back. Traffic was crazy on my normal route as I have to drive through school zones. My Question Of The Day: What are your back to school traditions? Since college, I have purchased the AMBI SKINCARE Complexion Cleansing Bar. The green bar in the beige box. It always smells so fresh and clean and represents what “new beginnings” smells like to me.

AUGUST 8 – I fell asleep Monday night in my work clothes and did not get myself prepped. My hair was wild. I did not have any idea what I would wear and I definitely did not have any lunch. I had to get up earlier to fry some chicken in hopes of having something to eat. I don’t eat in the school cafeteria. I eventually got myself together and made it across town on time. I’m going to start telling people that I am not their tech person and to let the IT guy earn his money. Morning traffic was better.

AUGUST 9 – Today is Whitney Houston’s birthday. She and I are both Leos and march to the beat of our own drum. People can try to tell a Leo what to do and if we’re feeling benevolent, we’ll say “OK thanks”. If not, you might get an earful of some choice words. Most Leos are gonna do what we want to do. Sharing a public restroom with others often reveals how trifling some people can be. I had a run-in with a co-worker who did not want to follow the inventory procedures. I had to catch myself. Even though I threaten to cuss people out, I really don’t use such language in a professional environment. I might be thinking it but I will not actually cuss a person out. But I will not tolerate tomfoolery. Administration reinforced the process and it worked out. I work too hard to let someone with ZERO clock hours buck the system.


I was pleasantly surprised to find my ULTA BEAUTY delivery waiting for me. I treated myself to the Anastasia Beverly Hills SUBCULTURE eyeshadow palette.

AUGUST 10 – Reflecting on yesterday’s snafu. I had to remind myself to never let anyone get me off my mark. Some people are miserable when they leave home and take their issues with them everywhere they go. The great Maya Angelou said it best: When people show you who they are, believe them the first time! When I go to work, I’m going to earn my paycheck by helping as many people that I can. I am not there to make friends. I have been fortunate to connect with a few people that are good people. But even if that were not the case, I’m alright with that. I’m not there to make friends and don’t care who doesn’t like me. I have preferences too. My order arrived from HBCU Society.

AUGUST 11 – Happy Friday. It was a whirlwind and the week seemed to fly by. I stopped by Taco Bell for a Mini Skillet Bowl and it was delicious! In my years on this earth, I know for sure: You’re NEVER going to make everyone happy so focus on pleasing yourself. I require teachers to email their classroom inventory forms. A person complained about the lines being too small? That is why I created a WORD DOCUMENT. If the single spaced lines are too small, use the zoom feature to enlarge it up to 500%. I could turn water to wine, some folks will still complain because they want Kool-Aid! After work, I stopped by the package store to get a recommended adult beverage: Apple Flavored Crown Royal to be mixed with Ocean Spray CranApple juice. It was fabulous. Tasted like Green Apple Now & Laters!

AUGUST 12 – Ulta Beauty sent a coupon for a free NYX birthday palette, a $10 of ANYTHING coupon and a 20% off coupon. I also had $12 in Ulta Reward Dollars. I decided to purchase the Urban Decay Naked Heat palette. Aside from the cashier trying to short me by not applying my $10 off coupon, the single purchase transaction was good. I got the palette for less the the $54 retail price. I got it for $32. WooHoo. I tried the Lay’s “Do Us A Flavor” finalists potato chips . Two were good and one was not.




WEEK 3: I’m Trying To Stop Cussing But Rottweiler, Please!

This was my second week back to work – first week with the students. No matter how much I plan, I am never really ready to get started. In addition to trying to document this school year, I am also trying NOT to have to cuss nobody out! People get on my nerves. Vlog Summaries will post on Sundays. They are me, censored just enough to protect The Innocent, shield The Ignorant and keep my job for a day longer.

AUGUST 14 – I should have known that Mercury Retrograde was upon us. Even though the official start date for this planetary phenomenon was August 12, there is a “shadow period” that starts before it officially starts. Mercury Retrograde always feels like 3 weeks of Full Moon with a side of Friday the 13th! And to top off today, the auditors were in the building. Oh great! This Mercury Retrograde cycle runs from August 12 – September 5. More about Mercury Retrograde:… ASTROLOGY

AUGUST 15 MAKEUP BASKET & GET READY WITH ME (Lies I Tell) My makeup basket of the week includes: PRIMER: Becca Ever-Matte Poreless Priming Perfector Rimmel Stay Matte FOUNDATION: MAC Studio Fix Fluid SPF 15 Foundation – NC 45 POWDER: MAC Mineralize Skinfinish – Dark Deepest LIPLINER: MAC – Nightmoth LIPGLASS: MAC – Oh Baby EYESHADOW PALETTE: Urban Decay Naked Heat Anastasia Beverly Hills – Subculture MASCARA: TooFaced Better Than Sex FACIAL SPRAY: Mario Badescu Rosewater & Herbs The audit went well and wrapped in 1 day instead of 2! No problems. WooHoo!

AUGUST 16 Decided to stop baking cupcakes, lol.

AUGUST 17 The more I try to stop cussing or stop thinking about cussing people out, the humans that I must interact with makes it difficult. NOTE: Attempted Rottweiler attack today. I filet’d her. I will continue to try each day. Tried a new BBQ joint today and it was horrible!

AUGUST 18 Another attempted Rottweiler attack today. I had to shut her down. Made it through Week 3 without getting fired or cussing anybody out – out loud. Now in my head, that is a different story.

AUGUST 19 Decided to try on some Solar Eclipse glasses early to check out the sun! (((HUGS)))

WEEK 4: Rottweilers Stay On The Porch!

Work Chronicles – Rottweilers, please stay on the porch!

 AUGUST 21 From the jump, I was irritable and annoyed. The Solar Eclipse came through partially. We were almost rained out but I was still happy to experience it. My daughter was in the path of totality and captured an amazing photo. Rottweilers need to stay in their lane and on the porch.



AUGUST 22 Another morning in without getting my clothes ready last night. Got caught by the train. Mercury is definitely Retrograde. A Christian school reached out to me regarding a job opportunity. I solved the printer problem at work. I made over my desk at work in attempts to making it more pleasant to look at while I am there.

AUGUST 23 Hoping for a reprieve from a faculty meeting to reclaim my time. Rocked some Converse Pride 2017 chucks today. Who gonna check me Boo? Loving my Spracht Wireless Bluetooth Speaker for my music therapy. Music soothes my soul when the Rottweilers start kicking up mud. Don’t ever be intimidated on any job. There is a chain of command in all workplaces and corporations. I bought a Powerball ticket. SPRACHT SPEAKER REVIEW & DEMO…

AUGUST 24 Bonnet & Robe Chronicles. I try to mind my own business but Rottweilers are always coming for me but never to my face. Cowards. Late work day due to Open House.

AUGUST 25 Running late for work on FriYAY! Daily vlogs are my journey of the things that happen to me. Don’t want to be a subject in my vlogs, stay on the porch!

AUGUST 26 Went to Target looking for Oyin Handmade’s Juices and Berries. Trying to avoid getting my car demolished in the Target parking lot. Why do people who drive land barges like to park close? They need to park far away to maneuver their cruise ships. Shopped for Fall home decor in Home Goods. Hurricane Harvey is barreling down on Houston, Texas. Prayers for safety for all those affected. Vlog recaps will now upload on Saturdays. I didn’t get fired – on to Week 5!

WEEK 5: Pumpkins, Booty Scratchers & Bologna Thieves

My daily work chronicles for week 5: August 27 – September 1

My pumpkin obsession has kicked into high gear. Home Goods has the most beautiful mercury glass pumpkins I’ve ever laid eyes on. I am not the traditional fall decor girl, I love bling.

This week, I begin 6th grade library orientations. I always enjoy these sessions because 11 year olds have the most amazing shenanigans when it comes to acquiring a social media account.

It’s been 12 years since Hurricane Katrina and Hurricane Harvey has been pummeling the Houston area. Prayers and love to those affected. Mercury Retrograde is cutting up sideways.

While minding my own business and trying to eat my lunch, someone sends a little boy to me, The Duck Tape Queen, to fix his glasses. I only had a geometric black and white pattern but fortunately for him it wasn’t lime green or hot pink. I used a small strip to hold the lens in the cracked frame and VOILA!

Hurricane Harvey brought his depression to the Memphis Metro area. I was not taking any chances of getting trapped at work or on the streets of Memphis. I stayed home. Some area schools closed early but not mine.

We hosted our annual Back To School dance today! Mu duty post is ticket taker. Since last year, I’ve had a counterfeiter who gets a thrill out of trying to scam me. I am happy to have a 3 day weekend!

WEEK 6: Getting My Honey Where I Make My Money

Work Chronicles Week 6: September 3 – 9

I enjoyed my 3 Day weekend. Thank you Labor Day! Short work weeks often feel like full weeks. I had to incorporate Monster Energy drinks into this week. My hair was shot. My nails were shot and my makeup was almost nonexistent. But I made it through. After laughing at my coworker whose lunch got jacked from the work fridge, I had to stop and by her some Bologna Lunchables. They were on sale at Kroger. According to the note on the fridge, the lunch bandit is living dangerously by continuing to steal people’s lunches! This week is Southern Heritage Classic week and the city of Memphis has been abuzz. I thought about going to see Tom Joyner & Sybil Wilkes at Club Love but decided to let the rest of the city have it. I first met Tom Joyner at Home Depot and that club is small. No thanks. I have several pet peeves. People who don’t have supplies make my eyes roll! lol. Instead of hanging out at the tailgating festivities, I met my BFF/Alcornite at Bahama Breeze and slammed down Pina Coladas and some good food. A few nights ago, I ordered the Luv Naturals line and it arrived today. Looking forward to having my own hair spa day tomorrow. I will film the process and share soon! I also stopped at HomeGoods from some caramel apple candy for my friends who CUSSED ME OUT for thinking I had purchased them all up when they went to the WRONG Home Goods looking for them.

WEEK 7: I Never Had A Tahitian Treat – Working With Rihanna’s Aunt?

The week started with my LUV Naturals wash n go.

September 11, 2017 Sixteen years since September 11. Where were you? Tuesday, September 12 My first day of work because I was sick Monday. Reflecting on friendships. I always try to be the kind of friend that I want to have in my life.

September 13 I do not like meetings and they are becoming more prevalent and irrelevant to my life as a librarian. But to appease the rottweilers and complainers, I have to attend “collaborative planning” sessions. Who is gonna watch the library when teachers send students to the library? Had a called meeting and realized the moment when I have had enough of the time wasting activities. Thursday,

September 14 I had to update the school website with new admin photos. I took my DSLR because not every photo should be taken with a smartphone. The quality was amazing. I was asked if I shoot family portraits. . . No Ma’am. lol A long day. Parent Conference beginning right after work, no time to eat, take a breather or use the restroom. Just a dumb concept because parents who pick up their kids want to rush right in and talk to their child’s teacher but dismissal is still going on. I was expecting a laptop cart delivery but they waited until 4 PM to show up? Really? Got home and filmed a Project Runway Inspired Mood Fabrics haul video. Mood Fabrics even liked the tweet! Yay Mood!

September 15 Overslept. I was exhausted from yesterday. Since I was late, I stopped for breakfast. Long day trying to prepare to deal with 432 new laptops in 12 carts whose asset tag numbers are all over the place. Don’t know why the people who put the tags on did not just keep the numbers in sequential order inside the cart. Now I’ve got to rearrange 432 laptops. I needed some retail therapy! I stopped into Sephora and left some coins for Fenty Beauty by Rihanna and another celebrity makeup line that I’ve wanted to try for a while.

WEEK 8: Genetically Engineered Candy?!!

The week started with trying to eat better by trying Quaker Overnight Oats. Monday brought crazy traffic. I stopped at Home Goods for a little retail therapy and wondered why some people choose to work in retail. Purchased Nips candy at Walgreens for 99 cents and bought more boxes. Oh my. After I’d eaten a whole box, I made an interesting discovery. Ignorance is bliss! Tuesday I shared my final thoughts about the Luv Naturals line. I also decided it was time for a break. See ya!