If you met me in the 90s, I was wearing a similar shade of Wet n Wild lipstick. Today it’s called “Fuchsia with Blue Pearl. When I saw a post by one of my Instagram sisters, I had to track it down. She’d gotten her tube at a Dollar Tree. Not one for going on a wild goose chase in this scorching Memphis heat, I began my search online. Walmart was a no go. But Walgreens showed some tubes in stock! Woo Hoo.

Just as I was about to leave the house, my aunt called and we spent about 30 minutes on the phone talking about crafting and future projects. I think it was a Jedi Mind trick to keep me home but I forged ahead and went to Walgreens. To my dismay, there was only one tube of Fuchsia with Blue Pearl in stock. It should have been enough but the beauty lover in me, needed backup tubes. Did I mention that I love makeup and lipstick is my weakness?

Before leaving Walgreens – Location A, I saw a Wonder Woman makeup display. Since being on summer vacation, leaving the house has been low priority. I’m sure my Vitamin D levels are low. But I digress. Curiosity got the best of me. I had to check out the super hero. I had no idea Wonder Woman had a makeup line in Walgreens. Aside from the cute products, I became enamored with something else about the line. . .


Wanting to find more tubes of Wet n Wild Fuchsia with Blue Pearl, I went to Location B Walgreens. I found about 4 additional tubes and all is groovy in my world. It was quite interesting that I did not see a Wonder Woman display anywhere in sight. I made my way to the register and the youthful cashier inquired why I was purchasing so many shades of the same lipstick. Where is Wonder Woman when I needed her?


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