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  • You handled it perfectly. That lady is not to be trusted under any circumstances. She is probably quite jealous of you, to the extent that she could be dangerous inasmuch as she is capable of trying to provoke you. Some people value their jobs (You) more than others (her). And some people really are mentally unstable. She may very well need to be reported to HR. She sounds like a bully.

    • Thank you for your comment and diagnosis. OMG! She HAS been called a bully by other people! I never thought this woman would flip the script like this. But seems like SHE is the one who is mentally unstable. As I reflect, she has always said little slick things but I just glossed over it because I thought she was just being funny. Now, I think she was just saying what she really wanted to say to me. I have not had any interaction with her but I think she is upset. I forgot to add that she is a devout CHURCH GOER! I’d have no problem taking her to HR. Again, thanks for your comment.

      • I am not so thrilled about that guy revealing your ‘confidence ‘ either, but now you know what he is made of. And he did it in front of your face, not behind your back. I’m not impressed.

        • I was totally shocked when he mentioned it too because I did say it off the record! I definitely earned a new pair of eyes with that one! Thanks for chiming in!

  • Wow. In not going to say what I would do because it would be considered premeditated if it happened at my job and somebody saw this comment. You handled it great and how dare she try to be mad after calling you out of your name.

    • I was so stunned that I was calm. I think it was still the Easter Effect from having just been with my family because any other time, I would have been needing a Go Fund Me account set up. Thanks for your input.

  • Listen here “hoe”….. Girl please! That was not cool that she called you out of your name… and even more not cool that the guy broke the trust in you sharing your feelings back to the woman. What that says to me and shows me is that they are all just very unprofessional & you need to continue to deal with them all with a long wooden spoon.

    On the other side of it I am reminded that “People are powerless, its your reaction that gives them power!” I do not remember where I first saw and read that quote but it has stuck with me after all of these years. I make it my goal to stay true to it.

    This week and the next two weeks I am away in a training session at another location for work. On day one we had to make up name tags that stay on the desk. Overnight on day one into day two when we got back, a group of coworkers drew all over some of the peoples names tags. Now we all know who it was and yes it was funny due to our relationships and long professional history of working together. But I tell you this… NO ONE wrote on mines. Why, not? Not because I can not take a joke and laugh, NO… but they know me enough to know to NOT cross over any lines with me. I am able to laugh and joke like anyone else but I found it very interesting that they knew not to mess with me.

    Its all good. As far as your coworker, let it go and keep that true hoe at a distance. But try not to let people get up under your skin too much. They are not worth it. On another note, it just helps you to see how much you want the change of scenery so it easier to be annoyed at the nonsense at that current location.

    I will talk with you later… : )

    • There is just soooo much going on with this whole scenario. While I did NOT intend for him to repeat what I told him in confidence, it did become clear to her that it was not just our little secret as he said it in the midst of a few people who may now see her with different eyes. I know I do. I don’t know why the heck she felt it was ok as we have NEVER joked around like this. If she is the devout Christian that she portrays herself to be, she should see the error of her mouth. Or, she may have just been expressing how she feels about me but at this point, I’m over her. Yeah, I think they know not to cross the line with you. Most people know the same for me but I think she was leaning on the fact that she said it with laughter that it was supposed to be ok. It wasn’t. I still can’t believe that she seemed to have an attitude or may have gotten upset for what I told my supervisor “off the record” that he blabbed. I can feel how I want to feel about it and she was out of line.