I Saved The Books. . . Now I’m Sick!

The first day of Lent, I thought The Great Flood of 2017 was on the way. The sky opened up in Memphis and there was water pouring down from the ceiling like Niagara Falls! The water was leaking and dripping directly onto the A – C section of my biography section! I decided to save the books as water was pouring on my head like an open faucet. The building plant manager and I were tossing books onto the floor to prevent them from getting wet. My hair and clothes were soaking wet.

This experience is not unusual. Since the building opened over 15 years ago, I have been running from leak roofs and dealing with sagging ceiling tiles and wet carpet. I shutter to think about the mold spores and mildew that I have inhaled. I’ve had enough of the upper respiratory infections and I am officially sick and tired of it. I have decided to heed the signs and do something different. Time to leap.



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