I vlog daily on my Instagram channel to document my Shonda Rhimes Inspired Year of Yes. I’m not saying yes to everything but just yes to documenting my journey.

This was the first week back to work after summer vacation. No matter how much I plan, I am never really ready to get started. In addition to trying to document this school year, I am also trying NOT to have to cuss nobody out! People get on my nerves.

July 31 – First day back to work. Please don’t let me have to cuss nobody out!

August 1 – My birthday. Damn. I have to work late with registration. I did use the time wisely to finish processing the obsolete equipment that is scheduled for pickup tomorrow.

August 2 – As expected, the trucks arrived early to pick up the equipment. After doing all the paperwork to get the stuff picked up, the man still uses his own scanner to process the equipment and wouldn’t sign my paperwork. What the what? I’m just glad to have my floor space back.

August 3 – Went to a professional development meeting with other librarians. I never see anyone I know so I didn’t bother putting on makeup or earrings. I went home for lunch and had to get my jacket. That meeting space was a meat locker! We usually get attendance cards to take back to work to prove we attended. My session did not have cards. What the what? I took a time stamped photo AND took a picture of my signature on the sign out sheet. Don’t play with my money!

August 4 – Happy Friday. Stayed late to finish signing out classroom equipment because some teachers love the throw me under the bus. But I document well. One week down.

August 5 – Happy Saturday. I met my BFF for lunch at Bahama Breeze. We had a great time.I had no idea one of our fellow Alcornites had passed away last Spring. We were friends on Facebook but I don’t check FB like that. It made me question how many deceased people are listed in my phone and Facebook Friends list. I have about 10.

August 6 – I follow The Profit Marcus Lemonis aka The Profit on CNBC. He recently Periscoped that he was wanting to purchase an Atlanta business but they had too much debt.The company is called Southern Culture Foods. They were having a $12 special on their pancake and waffle batters and their friend chicken mixes. Today I made time to try the fried chicken mix. It was pretty good. I’d probably a dash more seasonings to deepen the flavor but it was tasty.

I will post weekly vlog summaries on Sunday. It’s enough to turn the camera on for 1 minute of unedited footage so daily YouTube uploads are OUT OF THE QUESTION!

These vlogs are me, censored just enough to protect the innocent, shield the ignorant and keep my job for a day longer.






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