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I Am A Product Junkie

A Product Junkie (or PJ) is someone who is constantly trying new products in search of that wonder product that does it all: shampoo, condition, moisturize, define, shine and grow hair to your ankles overnight! It’s like finding a Unicorn on February 30th. The chase is fun but the reality is, it ain’t gonna happen. But there is always so much promise in a new jar of product!

I am a product junkie. Product Junkies love trying new products. Personally, I had been doing really good and not buying many new products. . . until I subscribed to the Essence Beauty Box! Since October 2015, this box has included one or two hair product samples that my hair liked and I ended up purchasing full sizes. Trying before buying is always better than a blind purchase right?

Link to all of my Essence Beauty Box Unboxings Playlist:

In the above video, I am share products that I recently purchased and plan to use this year. It is my intention to document the results of these products when I use them on my hair. By documenting, I mean bringing the camera into the bathroom to film the before during and after. But let’s get real. There are just some wash days when you just want to get your hair clean and not get held up by trying to film the process. Sorry y’all. But I will TRY.

I have shared my Product Junkie hair stash in the past and here’s the link to that VIDEO:



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