Today I am beginning a natural hair experiment – the return to using hair grease on my my natural hair! I have been natural since June 11, 2007. When I went natural, I experienced a whole new world of hair knowledge and understanding. Way, way, way back then there was a photo sharing site called Fotki. Members posted photos and the site was organized by interests. For me, it was natural hair. People, mostly ladies, posted PHOTOS of their natural hair and the products they were using on their hair. They also posted foods they ate that probably contributed to their long and healthy hair – usually avocados, yogurt, baked chicken and other stuff that was foreign to my diet – the super healthy and organic stuff. Over time, I felt like I needed to be on a pork free diet, munching on carrot sticks, sipping avocado juice and drinking my body weight in water everyday.

I grew up in the Dirty South, Mississippi to be exact. My diet always consisted of fried chicken, rice and gravy, biscuits and yes, pork chops. My grandparents always had a garden so I also ate my share of fresh greens, tomatoes, cucumbers and watermelons. Plums and berries grew wild so it was nothing for me pluck something from a tree or bush, wipe in on my shirt to clean it and eat it! So this natural and organic rodeo was nothing new to me. Nonetheless, my hair routine included Vaseline, Ultra Sheen and Bronner Brothers “Super Gro” grease!

Fast forward into my journey, I begin to read that naturals should not be using hair grease because it contained petroleum, clogged pores and was dangerous!  All my life I had been slathering Vaseline on my face and body, getting my hair pressed with it or Royal Crown Hair Dressing! Naturals should not only be eating healthy but using natural and organic products on on hair and bodies because what is on our scalps and skin was seeping into our bodies. Oh my! I began to integrate organic oils and butters into my regimen like jojoba (the pronunciation variation always tickled me), olive oil, almond oil and shea butter and turned away from using grease.

My hair journey has been great. I have not experienced any major setbacks aside from when I transitioned for 10 months only to have my cousin “the unlicensed barber” give me a shape up that resulted in a big chop! All that transitioning for nothing! I learned that I have fine textured hair which translates to hair that will only do certain things and will always feel like cotton and won’t ever be a fierce Afro. I have felt as though my hair length could be longer but again, it also shrinks up and I don’t use a lot of heat or other stretching techniques to show it’s length and my favorite style is a wash n go.

I created a video back in November 2010 about using Vaseline on my natural hair.

Tonight, I am beginning a natural hair experiment – the return to hair grease. I will grease my hair and scalp as needed during the week using either my Dax Indian Hemp or Ultra Sheen Gro Natural grease. Yes, grease. I will let you know if I break out, experience clogged pores or spontaneously burst into flames.

Below are images taken today of my natural hair after I applied Ultra Sheen’s “Gro Natural” grease.


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