Purchasing Mielle Organics was prompted after seeing the owner on The Wendy Williams Show in March 2017. I acknowledge being a product junkie and this was an easy acquisition.

It has taken me a few weeks to actually film a video using the products but finally, I made the time to do it.

These products were expensive and the containers are small. I almost DON’T want to love them BECAUSE of the cost and the regularity of which i like “doing my hair”.

The products are thinner in consistency than I’m used to applying on my hair so I had to adjust to the feel. These were first impressions and it will take a few more tries to make a full determination.

I will go on record of saying that I HATE the nozzle of the leave in conditioner bottle.

I purchased these products with my own money and HATE IT OR LOVE IT, I will always say what the heck I think about them. Lying about product reviews or saying only what pleases a brand does not allow improvements to the brand.


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