This is a first impressions video after using Luv Naturals product line. I purchased the entire line with my own money from their website:

I ordered the products and they arrived SUPER fast – 2 days – I think kimmaytube was driving the mail truck, lol.

My initial intent was to use the products in a stretched style using kimmaytube’s L1 stretch but time constraints prohibited that process and I forced the products into a wash n go style.

See my INSTAGRAM post

The line includes 7 full sized products:
Step 1 Detangle: “Don’t Be So Clingy” – Hair Detangler
Scent: Scented with Sweet Orange Essential Oil. Smells like fresh oranges

Step 2 Cleanse: “Wash Me Gently” – Hair & Scalp Cleanser
Scent: Moderate. Scented with Peppermint & Tea Tree Essential Oils. Smells like refreshing peppermint with a hint of tea tree.

Step 3: Condition – “Conditional Love” – Hair Conditioner
Scent: Mildly Scented with Vanilla Extract

Step 4: Moisturize & Seal – “Love Me & Leave-In Conditioner”
Scent: Scented with a blend of Citrus Essential Oils

Step 4: Moisturize & Seal – “Aloe Citrus Kisses” Hair Acidifier”
Scent: Lemonade

Step 5: Style – “Shea I’m Beautiful” Hair and Body Butter
Scent: Orange Ginger Spice

Step 5: Style – “Smooth Operating Aloe Gel”
Scent: Citrus/ Grapefruit

I will go on record saying that these products are different than most products marketed towards naturals. The scents are NOT fruity but I believe selected because of the results they yield. These products are NOT designed for people who are not willing to take their time with their hair during the detangling process. Care is essential.

I will continue to use these products exclusively throughout the month of September and give my final thoughts.


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