January 24, 2021

It’s April 4, 2020 and today begins Round 2 of my #starterlocs! My #locjourney has literally been filled with twists, turns and setbacks. the playlist below documents my roller coaster journey. However, I won’t stop until my hair is LOC’D!

My hair has been in box braids since Januray 18, 2020. The visit to the braid shop was supposed to have been simple.

What Should Have Happened. . .

  • Go To The Braid Shop
  • Get My Hair Braided.
  • Pay The Braider.
  • Go Home.

What Really Happened. . .

  • Went To The Braid Shop
  • Waited About 1 1/2 Hours Before Braider’s Chair Was Open
  • Showed Pictures of The Style I Wanted With No Extra Hair Added.
  • Braider Kept Trying To Convince Me That She’d Only Add a Little Hair
  • Exhausted.
  • Ended Up Getting Box Braids – With a Little Extension Hair

Don’t get me wrong, after my scalp loosened up from the TIGHT braids, I grew to love the box braids hairstyle. I have had them before. But this was supposed to have been the start of my Loc Journey and NOT my having a protective style for a few months that I’d have to take down and detangle and start over.

After rocking the box braids for a few weeks, I knew that I wanted to REALLY start my Loc Journey. I finally found a local loctician whose schedule could squeeze me in on April 18th. I was stoked!

Fast forward to early February. Matter of fact, it was Super Bowl Weekend. I did not have any plans but to prepare a small spread at home for my family.


I prepared the food. But before half time, I started feeling sick. My throat was feeling scratchy and I was sneezing.I felt myself slipping down. My first instinct was to take an over the counter cold medicine. I felt myself sink down further. I don’t even know who won the game or furthermore, who was even playing and I’m a football FANATIC!


There was absolutely no chance that I would make it to work Monday. Come to find out, several other people in the building were out with flu-like symptoms. The week before a few teachers were out with The Flu. The bug had bitten me too. I booked an appointment with the doctor and guess what? My whole house had the flu. At the doctor’s office, just about everyone one waiting seemed to have some type of flu bug. I was off work for an entire week.

And Then Came Coronavirus. . .

Not long after that, the streets began to buzz about this new flu-like illness called Coronavirus that was claiming lives in China. Fast forward, it began to wreak havoc in Italy and The United States. The Coronavirus aka COVID-19 created a GLOBAL PANDEMIC!

Businesses and schools SHUT DOWN in effort to lessen the spread of the virus. Many lives were lost. State and federal guidelines ordered citizens to stay home until at least April 30th. Needless to say, my hair appointment was NOT essential. So I had to take matters into my own hands. Thank goodness I had some loc tools on hand!

I started my Loc Journey on my own! I started taking down each individual box braid, one by one, and replaced it with a two strand twist. I started Sunday, March 29th, 2020. I was in no rush. It took me until just after 2 AM Satuday, April 4, 2020 to take down and retwist each of the 145 box braids.

Let the journey begin!