Garnier Fructis totally made my day with surprise love mail featuring their Whole Blends and Curl Nourish lines.

When I recorded & posted my “Plopping My Natural Hair” video, I used Garnier Fructis’ Whole Blends line with Coconut Oil and Cocoa Butter Extracts.

I shared the full video on YouTube and a 60 second snippet on Instagram.


Somewhere between here and there, Garnier Fructis saw the video and said they loved it. I know they watched it because they also responded to my honest trouble I had with a cap on the shampoo bottle. They reached out and said they wanted to send me a replacement product and perhaps another product that I may like. (The shampoo is clear and my hair is “meh” with most clear shampoos.) I sent Garnier my mailing address and honestly, forgot all about it.

Home sick today, I finally went outside to put something into the recycle bin and saw a FedEx box on my doorstep. Clearly, I had not ordered anything – this time.

To my surprise, it was a package for me and I decided to unbox it on camera. This video is the unboxing!

I really appreciate Garnier Fructis. Not because I got a box of complimentary hair care products but because they genuinely care about their consumers’ experience and recommendations.

FTC Disclosure: Garnier Fructis sent these products as a courtesy to replace a product that malfunctioned and to give me the opportunity to try other products from their line. I was not financially compensated and my experiences and opinions are my own.


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