Don’t Be Ashy! DIY Shower Oil | Avoid Slips: Use A Bathmat

Sharing how I create my shower oil mix that helps my skin stay smooth and moisturized in the winter.
My DIY recipe is not exact but I use olive oil as the base oil because it works great & it’s economical. I use other oils such as grape seed, coconut oil, jojoba oil and avocado oil in smaller quantities to top off the recipe. I also add food grade vegetable glycerine to help lock in the moisture. Essential oils are also added to my shower oil mix and it can vary from week to week. This week’s blend is: geranium oil, cinnamon oil and basil oil.

For those who need a recipe, listed below is a starting point for a 16 oz mixture. You can always make adjustments to the ingredients and quantities to suit your needs and preferences.

Olive Oil – 6 oz
Coconut Oil – 2 oz
Jojoba Oil – 2 oz
Avocado Oil – 2 oz
Grapeseed Oil – 2 oz
Vegetable Glycerin– 2 oz
Essential Oil -7 – 10 drops

Always use caution when using oil in the shower or bath. Use appropriate safety precautions to avoids dangerous slips and falls. Bath mats are great to use. You can also apply the oil mix OUTSIDE of the shower.

Books are a great way to get started using essential oils. One of my first purchases was an Essential Oil Book . This book will help you create natural, nontoxic and fragrant recipes for your home.


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