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The video below details how I use The Anthony Dickey Method to achieve my signature hair style: the Wash ‘n Go! My hair responds well to this technique and it gives me a chance to use up a lot of my product junkie stash! This technique was created by New York hair stylist Anthony Dickey.

When I rock a Wash ‘n Go, people often stop me and ask “How did you get your hair into those little ringlets?” After chuckling to myself because that used to be me, I tell them that I am natural and my hairstyle is a Wash ‘n Go. They often look at me as if I were speaking Japanese and don’t have a clue what I’m talking about. It still amazes me that even though natural hair has once again become popular, some people still don’t know how natural hair works. I am hopeful this video will share how I achieve my signature style. I am happy that I can now refer them to this video and move about my business at the post office, in the hair supply aisle or wherever I am when we meet.


My Top Knot Tutorial

I recently wore a Top Knot and I got so many compliments. This video shares how I achieved this EASY hairstyle in just a few minutes.

The Cancer Causing Reindeer from Hobby Lobby Haul


5 Day Old Wash ‘n Go Natural Hair Maintenance

LUV Naturals products have been my staple hair products for the past few weeks. I have tweaked my regimen a bit in order to get my wash n go to last longer.… Instead of using LUV Naturals’ Smooth Operating Aloe Gel in my Anthony Dickey Method wash n go, I used Wetline Xtreme gel and LUV Naturals’ Love Me and Leave In Conditioner. I also avoided the Hair and Body Butter this week. I didn’t want it to weigh my hair down. Each night, I pineapple my wash n go. After misting with Oyin Handmade’s Juices and Berries, I add a small amount of the Love Me and Leave In Conditioner. Each morning, I spray my hair with Oyin Handmade Juices and Berries.

I am a Wash N Go QUEEN!
I also enjoyed the stretched look of my hair in a recent twist out.

I did use heat to blow dry my hair. Loving the style but know the heat can be dangerous, I wanted to achieve stretched hair without using heat. I have fine textured hair so banding and all that jazz may not be for me. Aha! A roller set!

LUV Naturals Product Line – First Impressions


This is a first impressions video after using the entire LUV Naturals product line. I purchased the products with my own money from their website. I ordered the products and they arrived SUPER fast – 2 days – I think kimmaytube was driving the mail truck, lol. My initial intent was to use the products in a stretched style using kimmaytube’s L1 stretch but time constraints prohibited that process and I forced the products into a wash n go style.