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I love this Wakanda Forever King Tchalla T-shirt! I purchased it from Amazon. Today was my first time wearing it. All day I got compliments and questions about where I got my shirt.


Well, now you know: Amazon and I the listing is in my Amazon Shop! The T-shirt is a lightweight cotton. Even though my shirt is black, I will still be able to wear it comfortably in the hot Memphis heat and humidity because the material is lightweight and breathable. My chosen t-shirt color is black but NOFO Clothing Co has other Wakanda Forever T-shirt Colors!

I must admit, I waited until the LAST day Black Panther was being shown in my local theater. There were only a few people in the theater on the last night and I really enjoyed not being in a crowded movie theater. Black Panther was an excellent movie. I could not wait for it to be released on Blu-Ray!

Before the Blu-Ray was released, I purchased The Official Black Panther Movie Special book! It is a well designed book that will become part of my Black Panther memorabilia. I shared a Black Panther haul in a recent YouTube video!

In this video unboxing, I am live streaming featuring an #Amazonhaul. Black Panther was recently released on DVD/Blu Ray and I had to add it to my collection. I also found some cute #WakandaForever t-shirts.

As school is coming to a close, I needed a new Windows based external hard drive to store my “Work Smarter” work files. This process has made my work life flow so much better at the beginning and ending of a school year. The problem has been using too many different computers to save files and I have not migrated to cloud based storage. The Western Digital brand external hard drives have always served me well so I purchased a new one just for work stuff.

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