January 21, 2021

Category - Beauty


CakeFace Makeup and YouTube Chat

Popping on for Cakeface makeup and YouTube chat! Discussing YouTube, makeup, workplace shenanigans and more.

An earlier Ulta haul resulted in my purchasing impulse items that did not work out so I returned them. My refund was over $40 for just 2 items! Impulse buys need to disappear from my shopping trips.

Bad Impuluse Purchases?

The Frank Body facial moisturizer was way too moisture rich for my oily skin. Grapeseed oil and glycerin are just 2 of the ingredients! After my first use, I woke up “an oil slick”. Perfect for those with dry skin but definitely not for my oil/combination skin.

Lately, I have been enjoying rocking my “cakeface”. Shopping for makeup has become a favorite activity, I love that I can now share how I am incorporating the makeup I buy into my everyday or YouTube filming routine. Coming on camera with cakeface makeup and YouTube chat is the best of both worlds.

My Favorite Brow Routine by trophdoph

Ever since finding trophdoph’s eyebrow routine, I am able to create consistent eyebrows. Her technique is totally OPPOSITE from what I have been doing and what the average YouTube beauty girl/guy demonstrates. Try it. It will rock your mind!

For the Cakeface featured in this video, I used BH Cosmetics’ Love in London and Blushing in Bali palettes. Purchasing them at Ulta for $9.60 was a bargain. The shades are buttery and super pigmented.

BH Cosmetics Palettes: Love in London & Blushing in Bali
Cakeface makeup and YouTube chat featuring bh cosmetics love in london eyeshadow palette.
Love in London eye shadow palette.
Cakeface Makeup and YouTube chat featuring BH Cosmetics Blushing in Bali blush palette.
BH Cosmetics Blushing in Bali palette

The shade “London” from the palette fueled my purchase. I could not wait to use it. Of course, today’s look had to be blue. I used an NYX jumbo pencil in Cobalt as a base.

While I am still perfecting my everyday makeup look, I have fun creating today’s cakeface makeup and YouTube chat! The BH Cosmetics impulse purchases turned out to be good ones.