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Link to Kimmaytube’s LUVNaturals Leave-in Conditioner
"Love Me & Leave-In Conditioner"

After using the product for a week, here is my experience using Kimmaytube’s LUVNaturals Love Me & Leave In Conditioner.

Sunday Hair: Put in pineapple Friday and Saturday night.. Sunday was big, fluffy hair.

Tuesday Hair: I’d been lazy and just falling asleep on my satin pillowcase. Back to my puff. But it was a big, fluffy puff.

I like the leave in. Kimmaytube strikes me as a woman who puts a lot of thought and effort into what she does. She has been such a proponent of pH balance and natural haircare, I felt strongly before even purchasing and using the product that it would be just right. For my hair, it was as I expected. Aren’t there leave ins available locally that will work? Yes. Will my hair not thrive without this product? Yes. But, I trust her brand. I trust that she has done the research and work to test her line because she knows her word and her brand is on the line. I will purchase the complete line.

Keep in mind that no matter if it’s Kimmaytube’s LUVNaturals or any other brand of products, every hair will respond differently. There has to be trial and error and a certain amount of Product Junkism to find out what products and techniques will work for your hair.


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